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Devoted Investment Acquisitions Specialists

Since our inception in 2007 Venturecovery, Inc.​ has been a Debt management and investment mentor and company specializing in B2B & B2P collateral advances. Our business acquisitions across the United Staes has been the definition of our existence. Our approach to strengthening your business (Our Investment) has always been to operate with transparency and authenticity to increase the likelihood of success and monetary and business growth for all parties. That transparency permeates throughout our entire company and extends to our relationships with clients, vendors and investors.

If you're ready to sell off your debt please submit your portfolios via email. Please be sure to include:

Category: Payday loans, credit cards, etc.

Geography: Are the files limited to a particular state or region or are they nationwide?

Face value: What is the aggregate total of unpaid balances from all the files in the portfolio?

Number of Accounts: How many accounts are included in the portfolio

Charge-off Date: When were the accounts charged off?

Owner/Broker: Are you the owner of the portfolio or a broker selling the portfolio on someone else’s behalf.

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