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"Debt Acquisitions"

Purchase of consumer charged-off receivables from originators and resellers.

VentuRecovery, Inc. purchases consumer debt portfolios directly from lenders down to resale portfolios. With our main focus on a legal model, back up documentation and a clean chain of title and originators. By selling charged-off debt, lenders can focus on their primary business. The purchasing and funds recovery of debt supplies immediate cash infusion for our reinvestment and expansion to meet corporate goals

The VentuRecovery, Inc. business philosophy is all about turning challenges into opportunities and by that we mean "opportunities" for everyone who partners with us. Whether you are a creditor, a debt buyer, a broker, a debt collection company, or a combination thereof, you face the same challenges we do, no matter the size your business is.

Our future is very bright. The challenges that have caused many in the debt acquisition to bow out, are things we embrace because we don't stand still waiting to see whats might occur. Rather, we aggressively with innovation create ways to forge our own destiny to the greatest possible ending.

We are positioned to be a valued partner for those who are looking for ways to maximize their return on past and/or future investment, as well as having a high comfort level that their reputations and assets will be as protected as they can be in today's environment.


If you have received a letter from us offering to purchase your debt, you are listed as a creditor in a bankruptcy proceeding, etc. The letter you received extends our offer to sell your debt/claim to us in exchange for the amount stated.

We base our offers on several factors including the amount of the debt claim, the Debtor's financial condition, our estimated time the company will be in bankruptcy, and our estimated return.

To accept our offer, simply complete the Notice of Transfer of Claim form and return it by mail, email or by fax. Upon our receipt, we will process for payment pursuant to the terms of the offer letter you received with most payments being made within 10 business days.

(NOTE): Other Claims Buyers offers are often unclear as to the timing in which you will receive payment and it may be weeks or even months before you are paid by them.

If you have received offers from other companies, we encourage you to review the terms of their offer carefully, in particular:

1. Ensure that the payment terms for the purchase of your claim are clear. Other claims buyers often leave out terms of when they will remit payment to you. They may also include language that might allow them to never actually pay for the claim.

2. Some agreements contain language that gives the purchaser the right to Re-Transfer the claim back to the seller at their sole discretion.

3. Some agreements charge interest rates up to 10% if the claim is subsequently reduced.

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